Prescriptions Available


AVODART (Generic Dutasteride) – More effective than Propecia (finasteride) for male pattern hair loss. Dual-acting 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

PROPECIA or PROSCAR (Generic Finasteride) FDA approved hair loss medication for men.

New Hair Loss Androgen Receptor Blocker ORAL MINOXIDIL for Hair Loss Low-dose ORAL Minoxidil prescribed off-label for Male Pattern Hair Loss … More Effective – More Convenient – Cheaper than topical minoxidil


COMPOUNDED TOPICAL MINOXIDIL Compounded 5%, 15% and 30% solutions, lotions and creams with additives.

TOPICAL FINASTERIDE-  Finasteride is an alpha-reductase enzyme blocker and blocks DHT, the main culprit in male pattern hair loss. Topical finasteride works locally on the scalp hair follicle and has less potential for side effects that systemic oral finasteride. (Do not combine with oral finasteride or oral/topical dutasteride)

TOPICAL DUTATERIDEDutasteride is a dual-acting alpha-reductase enzyme blocker and blocks DHT, the main culprit in male pattern hair loss. Topical dutasteride works locally on the scalp hair follicle and has less potential for side effects that systemic oral finasteride.  (Do not combine with oral dutasteride or oral/topical finasteride)

NIZORAL SHAMPOO (Ketoconazole) – Prescription strength anti-male hairloss and anti-dandruff shampoo. Use alone or along with Avodart or Propecia and/or Minoxidil

5% MINOXIDIL SHAMPOO – Compounded 5% minoxidil shampoo helps revitalize the hair follicles and maintain healthy hair

TOPICAL SPIRONOLACTONE   Spironolactone works as a DHT blocker and prevents the existing DHT in the scalp from binding to the DHT receptors in the hair follicle itself preventing further hair loss.  Spironolactone has been show to not only STOP hair loss, but also effective in promoting hair regrowth as well.

LATISSE for HAIR LOSS (Bimatoprost)-New medical breakthrough topical treatment for male pattern hair loss/baldness in men. Passed FDA Phase I Safety Trials!

LATANOPROST (Xalatan) is an affordable, less expensive Prostaglandin Analog alternative to Latisse (Bimatoprost) for male pattern hair loss.

TOPICAL WINLEVI (Clascoterone) – Milestone NEW topical DHT androgen receptor blocker that treats the underlying cause of male pattern hair loss without systemic side effects.

Sexual Vitality Enhancement for Men and Women

Vital Force Sexual Enhancement Improve Erections, Longer harder erections, increase libido, boost performance , increase pleasure  Safe Viagra Sildenafil Cialis alternativeVITAL FORCE™ Male Enhancement –  All natural, exotic herbal Viagra (sildenafil) Cialis alternative to enhance your performance in the bedroom.  Boost your libido, amplify endurance and stamina, increase pleasure, improve erections.

 OMG SCREAM CREAM for Women – Topical cream to enhance female satisfaction, boost arousal, heighten sensitivity, increase vaginal lubrication and intensify orgasms.

Prescription to grow longer, thicker EYELASHES!

LATISSE for Eyelashes First and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA to grow longer, thicker and darker eyelashes – enhances length & prominence of eyelashes.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Prescription

DIFLUCAN – The only single dose ORAL treatment for Vaginal Yeast Infections

Herpes and Anti-Viral Cold Sore Prescriptions:

VALTREX Medically Proven prescription for genital Herpes. Treat outbreaks and suppress future outbreaks. No embarrassment Online RX!
ZOVIRAX CREAM (acyclovir) – FDA-approved Topical 5% Zovirax cream prescription for cold sore treatment.

DENAVIR CREAM – Medically proven Prescription for Cold Sores.

Genital Wart Prescriptions

ALDARA CREAM – Medically proven prescription for genital warts. No embarrassment Online RX!
CONDYLOX GEL – (Podofilox) – Medically proven prescription for genital and perianal warts.

Acne and Wrinkle Prescriptions:

WINLEVI 1% Acne CreamMilestone first-of-its kind topical androgen-receptor blocker FDA-approved acne treatment.

ACZONE GEL FDA-approved, new, topical anti-acne medication with the exclusive ingredient Dapsone.
EPIDUO GEL First and Only FDA-approved, powerful, topical anti-acne medication that combines a retinoid/Vitamin A and Benzoyl Peroxide product.

DIFFERIN® – Powerful new topical anti-acne medication. More effective than Retin-A and gentle to the skin.

RENOVA (tretinoin cream) – Only FDA proven treatment for wrinkles, fine lines and aging skin.

Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis Prescriptions:

EUCRISA OINTMENT First new FDA-approved eczema topical prescription in over a decade. EURCISA is unique in that it works both on the surface and deep inside the skin attacking the PDE4 enzyme.

ELIDEL Medical breakthrough non-steroid eczema/atopic dermatitis treatment

PROTOPIC OINTMENT First steroid-free prescription treatment for eczema/atopic dermatitis.

Rosacea Treatment

SOOLANTRA® CREAM NEW FDA approved, antibiotic-free, topical treatment for Rosacea. Treat the Demodex mite and clear up the inflammatory response, papules and pustules and red flushing of rosacea.

Scabies-Parasite Prescriptions

ELIMITE 5% CreamMost effective Topical Prescription treatment for Scabies – One time application only and eradicate the parasite.

Dental Prescriptions

PERIOSTAT FIRST and ONLY FDA-approved prescription pill that can help you keep your teeth!

PREVIDENT Prescription topical fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Nail Fungus / Callous Prescriptions:

PENLAC NAIL LACQUER The FIRST and FDA-approved topical prescription to treat both toe and finger nail fungus infection!

JUBLIA TOPICAL SOLUTION Newly FDA-approved topical prescription to treat and CURE toenail fungus infection!

KERYDIN TOPICAL SOLUTION The FIRST FDA-approved new class of antifungal prescriptions based on Boron technology. A topical prescription to treat toenail fungus infection!

Allergy Prescription:

CLARINEX FDA-approved allergy prescription. Provides 24 hour relief. No drowsiness. Improved version of Claritin that’s more affordable.



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