Renova Tretinoin Cream 0.05%

The Only FDA-Approved Treatment for Wrinkles, Sun Damaged and Aging Skin

  • RENOVA (tretinoin cream) is medically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade brown spots, smooth roughness, and restore a vibrant healthy glow.
  • This cream is specially formulated to treat wrinkles. It is different and more effective than any over-the-counter Retinol products.
  • It penetrates into the deepest depths of your skin increasing collagen production and repairing defective cell tissue.
  • RENOVA (tretinoin cream) is available by prescription only!

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IMPORTANT WARNING: Renova is not recommended for Brown and Black skinned persons, may lead to permanent hyperpigmentation

IMPORTANT WARNING: Renova is NOT to be used by pregnant or nursing woman

IMPORTANT WARNING: Renova is NOT to be used by patients taking photosensitizing drugs or those with preexisting skin conditions.



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  1. First read about Renova (tretinoin) cream – its indications, contraindications, and precautions. 
  2. If you do not have any contraindications, then Read and agree to the Waiver of Liability.
  3. Next, accurately and truthfully complete and submit a medical consultation questionnaire.
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  6. If you desire EXPRESS service your prescription will be called into a local US pharmacy of your choice within approximately 24 hours.
  7. If you have any health concerns in any way, you should contact your own physician for further advice.



In clinical studies 80% of patients using RENOVA as part of a complete  skin care program including sun protection had noticeable improvements in their skin appearance, skin texture and a lessening  of brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

What to expect beginning RENOVA therapy

RENOVA (tretinoin) works gradually and can continue to improve your skin’s appearance years after starting treatment. Although some individuals may not notice visible improvement for as long as six months, RENOVA begins working from day one.

Initial weeks of therapy –  Months 1-2: May notice skin becoming smoother and softer

RENOVA® (tretinoin emollient cream) 0.05% should only be used as part of a comprehensive skin care that includes gentle cleansers, moisturizers and sun avoidance program that ALWAYS includes the use of effective SUNBLOCKS with an SPF of 15 or higher. During the first several weeks of therapy most everyone has some noticeable irritative effects such as redness, itching, peeling, and stinging. Depending on our skin’s sensitivity, you should initially use RENOVA every other night and increase to every night as tolerated. It is sometimes necessary to temporarily stop treatment for a short while. If an individual has a particularly severe reaction, one should seek medical attention from their personal physician. Although you may not see any skin improvements at this stage of therapy, you may start to notice a smoother and softer texture to your skin.

Months 3 -4: Brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles begin to fade

RENOVA® works at the cellular level and you may now start to notice brown spots and freckles beginning to fade and fine lines wrinkles beginning to diminish.

Months 5 -6:  Maximum benefits become apparent.

By six months of  treatment you should notice significant improvement in your skin appearance – a more vibrant healthy glow, a smoother skin texture, a softer more evenly toned skin and fine lines and wrinkles should be diminished. RENOVA has been shown to continue to improve skin appearance for years after starting treatment and in order to maintain the benefits achieved, you need to continue using RENOVA as part of a comprehensive skin care regimen.

In order to maintain the skin appearance improvements (smoother, less wrinkled, more evenly toned skin),  you will need to continue your comprehensive RENOVA therapy on a daily basis. RENOVA (tretinoin) is concentrated so it lasts a long time. Using more than a pea-sized amount to cover your entire face or using more frequently than directed will not be more effective, but may irritate your skin and cause increased side effects.

STEP-BY-STEP How to use Renova:

    RENOVA® (tretinoin emollient cream) 0.05% is to be used at night. Initially when starting RENOVA treatment, RENOVA is applied every other night ( optimally alternating with a Physician-grade Alpha-hydroxy product). Depending on your skin sensitivity eventually RENOVA should be used every evening. Although visible changes are not immediately apparent,  RENOVA will begin working from the very first application.

    1. Cleanse before applying RENOVA
    Wash your face with a mild , preferably non-soap alcohol-free cleanser.  Gently pat dry and avoid rubbing.

    2. Wait
    After cleansing, wait 15 to 30 minutes before applying RENOVA to be sure your skin is totally dry. Wet, damp, or even moist skin tends to absorb cream quickly and may increase the irritation effects.

    3. Applying RENOVA
    When your face is completely dry, squeeze out ONLY a pea-sized amount of RENOVA onto your fingertip and dab it on your forehead, chin and both cheeks. Do NOT USE MORE!  Spread a thin layer over your entire face, avoiding your eyes, angles of the nose and mucous membranes, and lightly smooth into skin until disappears.
    You may feel a warm tingling sensation when applying RENOVA which indicates that its penetrating your skin and deep changes will begin to take place.

    (Before you apply makeup)
    1.  Cleanse

    2.  Apply Vitamin C products or other Physician-formulated enhancers if being used.

    3.  Moisturize


    Changes You May Experience when using RENOVA

    Most everyone experiences mild local skin reactions when beginning RENOVA treatment. The RENOVA therapeutic process begins taking place gradually penetrating deeply beneath the skin layers.

    Initially when applying RENOVA you may feel a sensation of warmth, slight tingling or burning. Your skin may temporarily become red. And you may feel drier than usual and may even begin to flake and peel for the first couple of weeks.

    Helpful Hints & Suggestions for comfort:
    1. It is very important that you wait 15 to 30 minutes after washing for your face to be COMPLETELY DRY before applying RENOVA.

    2. Applying a medical-grade high quality MOISTURIZER during the day can help relieve and soothe the dryness and peeling. Also applying a specially formulated evening moisturizer to your skin at night after applying RENOVA will help to relieve dryness.

    3. Your doctor may also have other suggestions to help lessen your skin reactions, such as reducing the amount applied, and/or decreasing the frequency of use.

    Not everyone experience these initial changes. If you don’t see these initial  changes or feel a warmth sensation it does not mean that RENOVA is not working. It just means that your skin is less sensitive to the irritant side effects and is tolerating RENOVA treatment!


    DO: Always use a moisturizer and SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY!
    RENOVA TREATMENT works best when used as a part of a comprehensive skin care regimen that includes gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens.

    RENOVA may increases your sensitivity to the sun and sunburn!  You MUST use a sunscreen every morning. Every morning after cleansing your face, before applying any makeup, put on a sunscreen or a moisturizer containing a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Regardless of the weather – sunny, cloudy or rainy, you still need to wear sunscreen! Always protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun by wearing sunglasses, visors, hats, and other protective accessories and clothing.

    DO: Use Products that are gentle to you skin & do not NOT contain alcohol!
    Always read Product labels and make sure you use soaps, shampoos, cleansers, cosmetics, toners/astringents that do not have a high concentrations of alcohol which is drying to your skin

    DO: Discontinue use of RENOVA for 3-4 weeks before have any procedures such as electrolysis or waxing.

    DO: Discontinue use and see your personal physician of you develop a severe local skin irritation.

    DO: Inform your regular Physician and all treating physicians that you are using a PRESCRIPTION Drug Renova (tretinoin)! If you are prescribed a photosensitizing drug by another physician you MUST discontinue use of Renova! 

    DON’T: Use medicated, abrasive, or alcohol-containing products on your face.
    During treatment with Renova (tretinoin) avoid the following products which can increase the irritant effects of Renova: Facial scrubs, toners/astringents  or any cosmetics or cleansers containing alcohol, and waxing/depilatories or bleach on facial hair.

    DON’T: Use use Benzoyl Peroxide products at the same time as RENOVA, they negate each other’s effects.

    DON’T: Use RENOVA on sunburned skin or on skin that has any preexisting skin disease.

    DON’T: Use larger amounts of RENOVA than recommended or more frequently than prescribed.

    Renova Q&A


    RENOVA  (tretinoin) is a cream containing the active ingredient tretinoin, a from of Vitamin A. RENOVA is the only PRESCRIPTION medicine approved by the FDA for the treatment of wrinkles and improving the appearance of photoaged skin and with continued use reverses some of the changes of photoaging. Renova, when used along with a comprehensive medically approved skin-care regimen and sun avoidance, reduces fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation known as “age spots”, and smoothes surface roughness of facial skin.



    Most of the lines, wrinkles and skin changes  one associates with “aging” are due to overexposure to UV-ultraviolet sunlight which has a harmful effect on the collagen and connective tissue located beneath the dermis. When we speak of aging most of what we refer to as “aging” is really sun damage. Sun damage incurred as a child will start to become apparent in your 30’s & 40’s. Using a daily SUNBLOCK will prevent further sun damage and RENOVA can help undo some of the sun damage.



    RENOVA rejuvenates the skin by penetrating all the layers and repairs defective cell tissue by increasing the speed with which the surface cells are replaced. It sloughs off dead skin, regenerates collagen and allows cells in the top layer of the skin, which are always being replaced to mature more normally than untreated sun-damaged cells. RENOVA is effective in about 80% of patients and causes improvement not only in the appearance of the skin, but in the histological-microscopic structure of the skin! RENOVA improves the appearance of fine lines and blotchy color and helps reduce photoaging changes.



    These are all tretinoin skin preparations similar to Vitamin A. Retin-A is a tretinoin product used to treat acne and is too irritating to most to be used as an anti-aging product. RENOVA is the first and only specially formulated anti-aging topical drug  approved by the FDA. RENOVA contains tretinoin in a rich moisturizing cream base, and is much better tolerated as a skin rejuvenating cream. RENOVA delivers the active ingredient, tretinoin, in a less irritating non-drying preparation than Retin-A formulations. Retinol is NOT RENOVA! Retinol is receiving a lot of media hype and is in many over-the-counter cosmetics. Retinol is a cosmetic product and is much weaker than RENOVA. RENOVA is a medical prescription drug made under stringent FDA standards.



    There are no controlled clinical trials comparing Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products (AHAs) with RENOVA. Unlike AHA creams which work at the outermost layer of skin by simply exfoliating the surface layer of skin, RENOVA works at the epidermis deep at the cellular level (the dermis). Medical research has shown in published articles that RENOVA increases collagen and may be one way that RENOVA reduces the signs of aging.



    Improvement in skin texture and smoothness, diminution of fine lines and wrinkles and of discoloration occur gradually over the course of treatment.   Individual responses vary. Over the course of treatment in 1 – 2 months you may start to notice a smoother and softer texture to your skin. In 3- 4 months brown spots and freckles begin to fade and fine wrinkles begin to diminish. For some up to six months of therapy is required before the effects are seen. When used over a period of time, along with a comprehensive skin care program, RENOVA can continue to reverse aging skin and can improve the skin’s appearance years after starting treatment.



    RENOVA is applied only once daily before bedtime approximately 20 – 30 minutes after washing face with a mild cleanser. Since most everyone initially experiences some skin irritation it is recommended that RENOVA only be applied every other night initially and as tolerated increased to daily use. Depending on your individualized skin care regimen, RENOVA is sometimes applied on alternative nights along with a medical strength Glycolic Acid-Alpha Hydroxy Product.



    If you miss a RENOVA dose it is best to just skip the missed dose and continue on with your daily skin care regimen. During the day it is most effective to use a Vitamin C product and SUNBLOCK and apply RENOVA only in the evening. Never double-up  or use a greater amount to make- up for missed dose, this will only enhance the likelihood of more severe skin irritations.



    The majority of patients using RENOVA experience local temporary reactions such as peeling, redness, dry skin, burning, stinging, itching and blistering. These side effects are usually mild to moderate in severity. A permanent increase in sun sensitivity may occur. RENOVA is a topical tretinoin formulation in a cream that helps to reduce dryness.



    RENOVA must be used as part of a comprehensive skin care program. A medically supervised complete skin-care regimen to get maximum anti-aging skin-rejuvenation effects includes medical-grade physician skin care products: A Vitamin C product to be used in the morning which has been proven and shown to microscopically improve collagen in the dermis where “wrinkle formation”  occurs! Alpha Hydroxy-glycolic acid which has been proven to be most effective should be incorporated into your skin care regimen. When selecting a glycolic product you must be very careful so as not to irritate your skin.



    If you have had any facial plastic surgery or laser skin peel within the last 6 months we will not prescribe renova, you need to be followed by your plastic surgeon for skin care treatment. If you have had any cosmetic facial procedure such as electrolysis or waxing or cosmetic peels you need to wait several weeks until your skin has completely recovered and there is no signs or irritation. If you are presently using RENOVA, you must discontinue its use several weeks prior to having any cosmetic facial procedure such as electrolysis, waxing etc. Always inform your skin care professional where you are having any procedure your history of RENOVA use.



    Presently, if you are using any benzoyl peroxide preparation or tretacycline or antibiotic topical medication or any topical preparation which has high concentrations of alcohol, you can NOT use RENOVA! Doing so can result in severe local skin reactions and if severe enough could leave permanent scaring or hyperpigmentation. You should always discuss with your primary health-care provider  and / or with your pharmacist ALL the medications you are taking (prescription and over-the-counter medication). Do not use topical medications. Do not use medicated or abrasive facial soaps or facial scrubs or cosmetics that have a strong drying effect. Do not us products with high concentrations of alcohol and alcohol containing toners & astringents.



    Pregnant women, women attempting to become pregnant or women who are breast feeding should NOT use Renova (tretinoin).

    Black and dark skin people should NOT use Renova (tretinoin), because hyperpigmentation can occur

    We will not prescribe RENOVA to anyone under the age of 18 because the safety and efficacy has NOT been established.


    In order to proceed to the medical consultation, you must go to the next section and read the complete list of contraindications. Then you must verify that you do not have any of the contraindications, you are not pregnant and are not breast feeding. 

    Before Proceeding to the Medical Consultation Form  please read
    and accept the Waiver of Liability


      RENOVA is the only FDA-approved prescription medication for the treatment of skin aging, but RENOVA cream use has not been thoroughly evaluated in a number of situations. RENOVA use is CONTRAINDICATED and must NOT be used in anyone with the following conditions:

      • RENOVA is contraindicated in anyone who is pregnant, or is attempting to become pregnant or at a high risk of getting pregnant, and in anyone breast feeding. Oral tretinoin in extremely high doses in animal studies has been shown to be teratogenic (having an adverse effect on an unborn fetus). The teratogenicity of topical tretinoin has not been established.
      • RENOVA is contraindicated in anyone with moderate to heavily pigmented skin. RENOVA is contraindicated in Black and Brown skin persons and can result in hyperpigmentation.
      • RENOVA is contraindicated in patients with eczema, any other chronic skin condition or pre-existing skin disorders, actinic keratoses, or history of skin cancer!
      • Do NOT use RENOVA if you are sunburned, or if you have eczema or other chronic skin conditions.
      • RENOVA is contraindicated in anyone who is inherently sensitive to sunlight.
      • Drug Interactions: RENOVA is contraindicated in anyone who is taking drugs known to be photosensitizers such as thiazides (sulfa-containing diuretics commonly used to treat high blood pressure), diurectics, amiodarone, tetracyclines or quinolone antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, phenothiazines ( used to treat serious emotionnal problems), sulfonamides, sulfa-drugs of any kind  and minoxidil. (If unsure, before submitting a medical consultation, check with your pharmacist and/or personal physician about the medications you are taking).
      • Do NOT use RENOVA if us are using minoxidil and any skin medication, soaps, cleansers, cosmetics, any facial products that may be drying or irritating to the skin. Benzoyl peroxide should not be applied at the same time as this medication.
      • RENOVA is contraindicated in anyone being treated with Accutane, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Tretinoin, isotretinoin preparation or other Vitamin A product.
      • A history of hypersensitivity to any of  the components or ingredients of RENOVA cream contraindicates usage: to tretinoin or Vitamin-A  or any  of the inactive ingredients: RENOVA cream contains 0.05% tretinoin w/w in a water in oil emulsion formulation consisting of light mineral oil, NF; sorbitol solution, USSP; hydroxyoctacosanyl hydroxystearate;  methoxy PEG-22/dodecyl glycol copolymer: PEG-24/dodecyl glycol copolymer; stearoxytrimethylsilane and steary alcohol; dimethicone 50 cs; methylparaben, NF; edate disodium, USP; quateernium-15; butylated hydroxytoluene, NF; citric acid monohydrate, USP; fragrance; and purified water, USP.
      • Absolutely no one under the age of 18 should use RENOVA cream.



      • RENOVA should only be used as part of a comprehensive skin care and sun avoidance program that includes the use of effective sunscreens. WHEN USING RENOVA ONE MUST USE A SUNBLOCK EVERY SINGLE DAY REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER.
      • RENOVA makes the skin more sensitive to sun and one is more susceptible to get a sun burn. While using RENOVA one needs to avoid or minimize sunlight exposure. Do NOT use a sun lamp. Patients must use sunblock with a minimum of SPF of 15 and protective clothing while using RENOVA.
      • RENOVA cream is for TOPICAL use only! RENOVA must be kept out of eyes, mouth, angles of the nose and mucous membranes.
      • Patients with Sunburn must not use RENOVA until the sunburn has completely cleared. Do NOT apply RENOVA on sunburn or eczema or another other serious skin condition.
      • When using RENOVA weather extremes such as wind or cold may be more irritating.
      • Do NOT use larger amounts of medication than recommended. Doing so will NOT lead to more rapid or better results and may cause marked redness, peeling or discomfort and to the same side effects as those associated with excessive oral intake of Vitamin A.
      • Use mild cleansers and do NOT use astringents and toners or other skin or cosmetic products with high concentrations of alcohol. Alcohol has a drying effect on the skin and can increasing the drying and irritation effects of tretinoin.
      • If you have acne, using RENOVA may initially seem to make your acne worse because Tretinoin unplugs acne follicles and brings acne pimples to the surface. The stronger form of Retin-A is an acne treatment.


      • While using RENOVA do NOT use topical medications, medicated or abrasive soaps, shampoos, cleansers, cosmetics with a strong drying effect, or products with high concentrations of alcohol. Astringents, spices or lime, permanent wave solutions, electrolysis, hair depilatories or waxes and products that may irritate the skin should be use with CAUTION in patients being treated with RENOVA because they may increase irritation.
      • While using RENOVA the simultaneous  use of any facial product that may be drying especially alcohol containing astringents and toners is contraindicated.
      • Alcohol containing facial products and Benzoyl Peroxide must NOT be used at the same time as RENOVA.
      • Precaution: Discontinue use of RENOVA for  3-4 weeks before irritating procedures such as electrolysis or waxing.
      • Do NOT sunbathe or using tanning beds or sun lamps while using RENOVA!


      • Local reactions at the site of application, such as peeling, dry skin, burning, stinging, redness and itching,  occur in almost all subjects during therapy with RENOVA. These signs and symptoms are usually of mild to moderate severity and generally occurred early in therapy. If the degree of local irritation warrants, patients should use less medication, decrease the frequency of application, discontinue use temporarily or discontinue use altogether.
      • If drug sensitivity, chemical irritation or a systemic adverse reaction develops, use of RENOVA should be discontinued and you should check with your regular physician.


      1. RENOVA should be applied to the face and only used as directed by a physician. It is for external/topical use only and is very safe when use as directed.
      2. It is crucial that you inform your physician and any treating physician that you are using RENOVA especially if you are considering any micropeels, chemical peels, laser peels, skin resurfacing or any facial.
      3. RENOVA should be applied to the face once a day before bedtime using only a pea-sized amount. Do NOT use more frequently or in larger amounts. Using larger amounts than recommended will NOT lead to better or quicker results and will only result in severe local skin irritation.
      4. In the evening, first wash your face with a mild non-soap cleanser  and  pat skin dry  waiting about 10 – 15 minutes  before applying a pea-sized amount of RENOVA cream. Lightly cover your entire face with this amount avoiding contact with the eyes, mouth, mucous membranes and the angles of the nose. One may feel a transitory feeling of warmth or slight stinging. Wash hands after use.
      5. Afterwards apply a moisturizer or an alpha-hydroxy acid preparation to help counteract any dryness.
      6. In the morning you should follow a complete skin care regimen and at a minimum apply a moisturizer and SUNBLOCK! One must use SUNBLOCK daily!
      7. When first beginning treatment with RENOVA apply every other night or even every third night depending on whether you skin becomes too red or dry.
      8. Skin improvement in texture and pigmentation and a mitigation of fine wrinkles occurs gradually over the course of therapy. In some individuals up to six months of therapy may be required before the effects are seen.


      In order for Medical Wellness Center Skin Care Physicians to provide you with the best care, you need to reply honesty to all questions and you need to understand any and all contraindications, risks and side effects associated with RENOVA Cream. 

      By accepting “I Agree” means that you have read the above contraindication, precautions and warnings and honestly acknowledge that you do not have any of the above contraindications to RENOVA therapy. Also, that I am aware of the side effects and that if using RENOVA one must use a SUNBLOCK every day!

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