Eucrisa Ointment

New Steroid- Free Ezcema Treatment Works on TOP and BELOW the Skin!

Stop the Itching, Flaking and Embarrassment

  • Eucrisa Ointment is the first NEW, FDA-approved treatment option in more than a decade for the over 40 million Americans who suffer from the embarrassing problem of the painfully itchy skin disorder atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema.
  • EUCRISA can be used on all parts of the body including the face and neck for long-term treatment.
  • EUCRISA offers hope for those experiencing the devastating physical and emotional effects of atopic dermatitis.
  • If you suffer from Eczema, EUCRISA Ointment may be for you!

    EUCRISA topical eczema Ointment is UNIQUE because it is STEROID-FREE and it works both on the TOP surface of your skin where you see the visible rash, and it also works on the irritation BELOW the skin, which you cannot see. EUCRISA, crisaborole 2%, is a medical proven, eczema treatment that targets the Phosphodiesterase4 Enzyme (PDE4).

    Eucrisa Prescription for Ezcemal Online consultEucris Prescription Online works below the skin for Eczema

    Safe and effective even in sensitive areas.

    Intermittent LONG-TERM therapy without side effects.

    Can be used topically almost everywhere from nose to toes (Do NOT use in eyes, mouth, or vagina).

    Treats Mild-to-Moderate Eczema from ages 2 and up and can be used on ALL skin tones.

    EUCRISA is Steroid Free

    Eucrisa is steroid free prescription for Eczema

    EUCRISA is Fragrance Free

    Eurisa Ezcema Prescription is fragrance free

    EUCRISA is  Paraban Free

    Eucrisa Prescription for Eczema is Paraban Free

    No Animal By-products

    Eurcisa prescription for Eczema contains no animal by products

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    IMPORTANT WARNING: Eucrisa ointment is NOT to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

    IMPORTANT WARNING: Eucrisa is not recommended for those with infected skin lesions.

    IMPORTANT WARNING: Eucrisa is for TOPICAL use only and should NEVER be used in eyes, mouth or vagina.


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    • If approved, the Physician Consultation fee is only $49.95 plus processing. You will be issued an Eucrisa prescription plus 6 refills which can be filled in most any Local United States Pharmacy of your choice. The prescription cannot be filled at a foreign, Canadian, internet or online pharmacy or a .COM version of a local pharmacy.
    • Express service available: Your Eucrisa prescription will be called into any local United States pharmacy of your choice within approximately 24 hours.


    1. First read about EUCRISA ointment to learn more about its indications and contraindications and precautions.
    2. If you have been diagnosed by a physician in the past to suffer from eczema or atopic  dermatitis, and you do not have any of the contraindications, next read and  agree to the Waiver of Liability.
    3. Then accurately and truthfully complete and submit a medical consultation questionnaire
    4. Your medical consultation will be reviewed by one of our Physicians. If approved, you will be issues a prescription for EUCRISA which you can fill at most any local, US pharmacy of your choice. 
    5. The consultation is RISK-FREE. If the physician determined EUCRISA is not for you, there is no charge.   If approved the consultation fee for an EUCRISA prescription with 6 additional refills is only $49.95 plus processing.
    6. If you desire EXPRESS service your prescription will be called into a local United States pharmacy of your choice within approximately 24 hours.  
    7. If you have any health concerns in any way, you should contact your own physician for further advice.

    EUCRISA ointment is for External use only and must NEVER be used in the eyes, mouth or vagina,  and online prescriptions will only be issued to adults age 18 or older! 



      Eucrisa Ointment Prescription works above on top of the skin and below the skinEucrisa ointment (crisaborole ointment 2%) is the first NEW FDA-approved topical prescription treatment for eczema in over a decade. Eucrisa is a steroid-FREE, fragrance-free, PABA-free, paraban-free, ointment specifically developed to treat atopic dermatitis  (eczema). Eucrisa ointment, manufactured by Pfizer. The FDA has approved Eucrisa ointment for short-term and intermittent long-term therapy for patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in ages 2 and up, and can be used from the nose to the toes (Do NOT use in eyes, mouth or vagina).

      Eucrisa is a unique topical ointment that works both above and below the skin to treat eczema. In addition to the skin changes you can see on the surface of the skin, eczema also causes irritation deep below that is not visible. The active ingredient in Eucrisa, crisaborole 2%, works not only on the surface but also works below deep within your skin cells to block phosphodiesterase4 (PDE4) enzymes.



      Eucrisa ointment is the NEWEST non steroidal topical treatment for eczema. It is safe and effective for intermittent LONGTERM treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in children and adults ages 2 and up. Corticosteroid topical treatments can not be used for longer than 2 consecutive weeks.

      In addition, unlike corticosteroids, Eucrisa is safe for dermatologic use ANYWHERE on the body including the face (not in the mouth), neck, around the eyes (not in the eye), groin (not in the vagina) or in skin folds. Topical corticosteroids can not be used on the face, groin or in skin folds.Eucrisa is skin-selective and, unlike corticosteroids, targets and blocks the PDE4 enzymes in the skin cells.

      Finally, unlike corticosteroids, Eucrisa demonstrates NO cutaneous atrophy or adrenal suppression. Eucrisa ointment is not associated with the side effects associated with topical steroids such as skin thinning, stretch marks and skin discoloration. Eucrisa offers a SAFE and EFFECTIVE long term treatment option alternative to those suffering from moderate to severe eczema.



      Over 15 million Americans  suffer from the chronic, life-altering disease of atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema.  Eczema is characterized by painfully dry, red, itchy, and flaky skin. The condition may be localized or affect many aread of the body.

      Eczema is a complex condition and there is usually no one single cause. External Factors such as climate, contact with irritants, clothing fibers as well as Internal Factors such as stress, diet and medications can affect eczema outbreaks. Most people with eczema, atopic dermatitis, have family members with similar problems or history of allergies, hay fever and asthma, about 20% have no family history.

      Eczema What is it Eucrisa Prescriptions Online

      Eczema often presents itself in childhood or young adults but can occur at any age. In fact, about 50% of patients are affected throughout life. Eczema is NOT contagious. Eczema typically affects the inside of the elbows, back of knees and the face, but it can cover most of the body. The severity of the conditions ranges from a few dry red ITCHY patches to widespread involvement.  The itching may be so intense that patients often scratch until their skin bleeds and crusts.  When this happens the skin can get infected. DO NOT USE Eucrisa ointment IF YOUR ECZEMA LESIONS ARE INFLAMED, WEEPING OR INFECTED!



      EUCRISA is a new kind of treatment that offers hope to children and adults ages 2 and up suffering from moderate-to-severe eczema. Eucrisa can be used for all ethnicities and skin tones. Eucrisa is not a steroid and won’t cause thinning of your skin and can be used topically from head to toe on any part of the body except do NOT use in your eyes, mouth or vagina.



      EUCRISA 2% ointment is simply and easy to use and can be used on your skin wherever you have eczema from your face to your toes and almost everywhere in between. Eucrisa is for topical use only. Do not use in your eyes, mouth or vagina.

      • Apply a thin layer of Eucrisa ointment to the affected areas 2 times a day about 12 hours apart.
      • Wash your hands after applying Eucrisa. If someone is applying the Eucrisa for you, they should wash their hands after applying Eucrisa.



      EUCRISA, unlike topical steroids, can be used safely on all parts of the body including the face, neck, hands, groin, axillae areas and on the eyelids. Avoid getting ointment directly in the eye. Eucrisa ointment is for EXTERNAL TOPICAL use only. Do not use in eyes, mouth or vagina.



      Eczema is often accompanied by dry skin so it is important to keep keep your skin well hydrated. Eucrisa combines the active ingredient crisaborole in a proprietary emollient-rich vehicle ointment, which creates a good barrier to help lock in moisture and soften the skin. When applying Eucrisa after a bath or shower, make sure any moisturizers are well absorbed and your skin is completely dry before applying Eucrisa ointment. Applying Eucrisa and moisturizers on the same location were not studied by Pfizer. Do not cover the skin with occlusive dressings or bandages and do not apply any other type of skin product on top of the Eucrisa ointment.



      EUCRISA ointment should not be combined with any other topical skin products or topical prescription medications. Do not apply any other type of skin products on top of Eucrisa ointment.



      Based on clinical trials, EUCRISA can produce visible improvement in as few as 8 days while more saw improvement after 28 days. Most start to notice that their skin starts to heal after the first weeks of treatment and continues to improve as they keep using the ointment. Regardless of whether you see rapid improvement or not, you should continue to use Eucrisa as needed.



      Eczema CANNOT be cured, but it can be controlled. Eucrisa ointment can be used  for short term and intermittent long term use. Therefore, even though your skin may start to heal and feel better within the first few weeks of treatment. After resolutions of signs and symptoms Eucrisa ointment usage should be stopped. Eczema or atopic dermatitis can recur within several weeks of stopping treatment. Since Eucrisa has been approved for long term use and it is not a steroid, you can intermittently continue to treat eczema outbreaks.  Eucrisa ointment treatment should be initiated at the first signs of redness and symptoms of itching to control flare ups. IF YOU NOTICE THAT YOUR ECZEMA GETS WORSE OR GETS INFECTED WEEPING WITHIN THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF TREATMENT, STOP EUCRISA AND CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION!


      The most common side effects of Eucrisa ointment is temporary pain, burning and stinging at the application site which resolves within one day for over 78% of patients.

      Less commonly, Eucrisa may cause allergic reactions at or near the application site which can be serious and may include hives, itching, selling and redness. If you have any of these symptoms, STOP using Eucrisa and get medical help right away.

      If you have any concerns or and side effects continue or become a problem,  you should see your doctor.



      • Eucrisa is to be used externally only.
      • Eucrisa is NOT to be be used in the eye, mouth or vagina.
      • Do not give Eucrisa to other people, even if they have the same symptoms that you have. It may harm them. Especially do NOT use in a child under age 18 unless specifically prescribed for that child by a pediatric specialist and is being directly monitored.



      Do NOT use Eucrisa if you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant . It is not known if Eucrisa will harm your unborn baby.
      Do NOT use Eucrisa if you are breastfeeding. It is not known if Eucrisa passes into your breast milk.
      Do NOT use Eucrisa if your eczema lesions are inflamed, weeping or infected. Eucrisa is for mild-to-moderate eczema only. If you experience signs of infection, discontinue use of Eucrisa and consult your primary physician or dermatologist immediately!

      Although Eucrisa is approved for children over age 2 years, we do not prescribe Eucrisa online to anyone under the age of 18. Children under the age of 18 need direct supervision and monitoring by a pediatric specialist.

      In order to proceed to the medical consultation, you must go to the next section and read the complete list of contraindications. Then you must verify that you do not have any of the contraindications, you do not have an open infected lesions, and you are not pregnant and are not breast feeding. 

       Before Proceeding to the Medical Consultation Form  please read

      and accept the Waiver of Liability


      Anyone with the following conditions should NOT use Eucrisa Ointment.


      • Do not use Eucrisa if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant as there are no sufficient studies to determine the safety of crisaborole (Eucrisa) in pregnant woman!
      • Do not use Eucrisa if you are breast feeding!
      • Do not use Eucrisa if you are allergic or hypersensitive to crisaborole or to any component of Eucrisa ointment: white petrolatum, propylene glycol, mono- and di-glycerides, paraffin, butylated hydroxytoluene, and edetate calcium disodium.
      • Eucrisa ointment is for external use only! Use from head to toe but do NOT apply Eucrisa in the eyes, mouth or vagina.
      • Do not use Eucrisa ointment on infected, weeping or oozing eczema lesions! People with eczema are prone to infections, especially staph and herpes. Increased redness, pus-filled bumps (pustules), weeping of lesions are all early signs of infection. Seek treatment from your physician.
      • If eczema lesions become infected while on Eucrisa, discontinue use of Eucrisa and consult your physician immediately.
      • Do not use Eucrisa without direct physician supervision (not eligible for online consultation) if you are under the age of 18.
      • Eucrisa ointment will not be prescribed to anyone under age 18 online. For children under the age of 18 consult your pediatrician.


      The most common side effects of Eucrisa ointment is pain, burning sensation or stinging at the site of application. This burning feeling is usually mild to moderate, and usually clears up in a few days. See your doctor if an application site reaction is severe or persists for more than one week.

      Eucrisa may cause allergic reactions at or near the application site which can be serious such as hives, swelling, and redness. If you have any of these symptoms STOP using Eucrisa and get medical help right away.


      Eucrisa ointment is only to treat eczema, atopic dermatitis, that has been diagnosed by your doctor. Eczema is a chronic condition that can be controlled but not cured. Eucrisa ointment is a medical breakthrough because it is a safe and effective treatment that can be used intermittently on a long-term basis and can be used externally on any part of the body including hands, face and neck.

      1. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying Eucrisa.
      2. Use Eucrisa only on your skin. Apply a razor-thin layer of Eucrisa to all areas of your body that your doctor has diagnosed as eczema twice a day. Cover the area completely and rub in gently and completely. A pea-sized amount usually covers an area about the size of a silver dollar. Treatment should be initiated at the first signs of redness and symptoms of itching. Treatment should be continued for one week after clearing of signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
      3. Eucrisa should be applied twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart.
      4. Allow your medication to penetrate thoroughly. Don’t swim or bathe immediately after applying Eucrisa.
      5. Before applying Eucrisa ointment after a bath or shower, be sure your skin is completely dry.
      6. If your hands are not being treated, wash them with soap and water after applying Eucrisa.
      7. Do not cover the skin being treated with bandages, dressings, or wraps. However, you can wear normal clothing.
      8. Use Eucrisa ONLY on your skin, Do NOT swallow Eucrisa. Do NOT use Eucrisa in the eyes, mouth or vagina.
      9. Store Eucrisa at room temperature (68° to 77°F).
      10. If your condition worsens or you see no improvement after 6 weeks of treatment, contact your doctor!



      Eucrisa usually begins to provide relief from the symptoms of eczema as early as 8 days and most by 28 days. Most people usually notice that the symptoms of itching relieved within one week. Stop using Eucrisa after the signs and symptoms of eczema disappear. When you stop using the medication, your eczema may return. Eucrisa treatment should be initiated at the first signs and symptoms of a recurrence.


      In order for Medical Wellness Center Physicians to provide you with the best care you need to reply honesty to all questions and you need to understand any and all risks and side effects associated with Eucrisa Ointment.

      By accepting “I Agree” means that you have read the above contraindication and warnings and honestly acknowledge that you do not have any of the above contraindications to Eucrisa therapy. Also, that I am aware that I need to inform my doctor that I am using Eucrisa.

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