If you suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, prescription-strength Minoxidil along with Propecia or Avodart may be the answer!

  • Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved Topical treatment for male pattern hair loss.
  • High strength PRESCRIPTION Minoxidil IS  MEDICALLY PROVEN to STOP hair loss and REGROW hair.
  • Prescription-strength Minoxidil compounded formulations may be used alone or along with Propecia or Avodart.
  • Minoxidil-FREE Lotions available for those using ORAL minoxidil


  • Prescription strength minoxidil similar to Dr. Klein’s formulations, even STRONGER strength!
  • Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine (2% or 5% Minoxidil), but at much higher doses in our exclusive compounded formulations.  Minoxidil’s hair regrowth is dose-dependent. Therefore, the higher the dose the better the regrowth
  • Minoxidil 5% – 30% compounded formulations are available by PRESCRIPTION only, and are significantly MORE effective than Rogaine.
  • Prescription-strength Minoxidil can be used alone as a treatment for male pattern hair loss, or used along with Propecia or Avodart to enhance the effectiveness of both. 
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IMPORTANT WARNING: Online Minoxidil prescriptions are for MEN ONLY!  NO Woman or child should ever  use topical finasteride or take Propecia (finasteride) or Avodart (dutasteride).  Pregnant or potentially pregnant women should NOT use or handle Minoxidil or finasteride or dutasteride. 
IMPORTANT WARNING: Although Minoxidil is not contraindicated for women, Medical Wellness Center does NOT prescribe Minoxidil online for women as Male Pattern Baldness can be a sign of a serious and life-threatening underlying illness in WOMEN!

IMPORTANT WARNING: All lotions and creams are  compounded with DMI & Vit E in propylene gyccol. If allergic to propylene glycol the formula must be compounded in GLYCERIN instead without DMI


  • Simple, Convenient & Confidential Online Physician consultations for CUSTOMIZED prescription-strength Topical Minoxidil formulations.
  • RISK-FREE Online Physician Evaluation to determine eligibility for prescription-strength Minoxidil formulations.
  • Customize the formulations of the active ingredients
  • If approved the medical consultation fee to the Medical Wellness Center is only $49.95 plus processing for the consultation.  Your prescription for Minoxidil with 6 additional refills is forwarded to Murray Avenue Apothecary** compounding pharmacy.  We provide only the consultation and prescription. We do not dispense or sell any medication.
  • If you do not qualify for a Minoxidil prescription, your online visit is FREE and there is NO charge.
  • Express service available: Your Topical Minoxidil prescription will be forwarded to the pharmacy within approximately 24 hours. Regular Service takes approximately 3-7 business days to review.

Oral Low Dose Minoxidil vs High-Dose Compounded Minoxidil

Below are the reasons why we recommend high-dose, compounded, topical minoxidil, in most cases, over low-dose oral minoxidil for male pattern hair loss.  However, a subset of men lack the scalp enzyme necessary to convert topically applied minoxidil to the active form.  Therefore, we recommend low-dose oral minoxidil in these men, because the activation enzyme present in the liver activates the minoxidil.  Although there are studies showing low-dose oral minoxidil is more effective than topical, these studies are comparing oral vs 5% topical minoxidil.  Our compounded 15-30% topical minoxidil is usually much more effective in most men than a systemic-wide SIDE EFFECT of an anti-hypertensive medication taken in low doses:

    1. Topical 15-30% minoxidil is much more powerful and works directly on the hair follicle NOT a side effect of systemic high blood pressure medication
    2. The study compares low dose oral minoxidil to OTC 5% minoxidil, NOT compounded 15-30% minoxidil topical
    3. That is low dose oral minoxidil compared to 5% topical minoxidil, we prescribe 15-30% compounded TOPICAL minoxidil
    4. Oral minoxidil is a SYSTEMIC anti-hypertensive medication that has a “side effect” of hirsutism, meaning hair growth all over the body, not just on scalp
    5. Topical minoxidil applied in HIGH concentration (15-30%)directly to the localized miniaturized hair follicles on the scalp is much more effective and powerful than a low dose of a system high blood pressure pill that just has a side effect of increasing total body hair thickness.
    6. 2.5mg daily taken orally has first pass effect through the liver which decreases the actual amount of minoxidil that is available at the hair follicle.  Compounded 15% to 30% topical minoxidil delivers 150 to 300 mg of minoxidil directly to the miniaturized hair follicles where the effects is needed.
    7.  In addition, we add additives to the topical compounded minoxidil, RA, AA, Progesterone which helps to enhance the effectiveness of the effects of minoxidil improving blood circulation to the follicle.
    8. HIGH blood pressure medication (anti-hypertensive) MAIN physiological function is to DECREASE blood pressure which could have deleterious effects on even healthy people or individuals with known and unknown heart issues or are on other blood pressure medication
    9. Oral minoxidil is contraindicated in men with heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and those who are already taking high-blood pressure medication


    1. Read About prescription strength Minoxidil compounded formulations to learn more about its indications and contraindications.
    2. Select the active ingredients in your individualized compounded formulation
    3. Select additional prescriptions for hair loss treatment: 5% minoxidil spray and/or 3% Acetyl-Glutathione with Biotin solution.
    4. Read and Agree to the Waiver of Liability.
    5. Accurately and truthfully complete and submit a medical consultation questionnaire
    6. Your medical consultation will be reviewed by one of our Physicians, and if approved you will be prescribed a Minoxidil formulation customized for you. This consultation is RISK-FREE, if the physician determines Minoxidil  is not appropriate for you, then there is no charge.
    7. You can select either “regular” service (3-7 days to process) or “express” 24 hour processing for an express service fee.
    8. If approved you will receive an email confirmation from Medical Wellness Center, and your prescription will be forwarded to Murray Avenue Apothecary. Then the pharmacy will contact you to customize your compounded formulation and to arrange for medication purchase and shipment.
    9. The initial consultation fee for the physician evaluation is only $49.95 plus processing if you are approved for treatment, otherwise it’s free. If you find Minoxidil is working for you, yearly medical refill consultations are only  $75.00 plus processing for one year of refills.
    10. If you have any health concerns in any way, you should contact your own physician for further advice

Minoxidil Customized Formulations


Medical Wellness Center has been treating male pattern hair loss with exclusive formulations compounded by Murray Avenue Apothecary** for over 25 years.  Our exclusive Minoxidil formulations  (similar to Dr. Klein’s formulas but stronger) are available as lotions, creams, and shampoo without alcohol as found in over-the-counter Rogaine.  Furthermore, you can choose from 5% to 30% minoxidil strength. In addition, you can select from a number of additives: 0.25% Retinoic Acid (RA), 5% Azelaic Acid (AA), 0.25% progesterone,  0.1% hydrocortisone steroid … All compounded lotions and creams are compounded with DMI enhancer and Vitamin E in a propylene glycol base. If you are allergic to propylene glycol, you must select an entirely different formula compounded in a glycerin base instead.   

Murray Avenue Apothecary**  has been compounding minoxidil formulations for years that are similar to Dr. Klein’s with even more exclusive customization to promote hair growth. You can customize your formulation with additives that promote hair growth and increase the effectiveness of the formulation.

Susan Merenstein, the owner or Murray Avenue Apothecary, grew up running up and down the aisles of her father’s corner drug store standing on a wooden box to serve the customers from the soda fountain. Susan developed a passion for helping, educating and guiding people in their quest for health. With over 33 years experience as a practicing pharmacist, Susan Merenstein opened Murray Avenue Apothecary in 2007,  an environmentally conscious, GREEN compounding pharmacy in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The pharmacy  combines State-of-the-Art technology with old-fashioned personalized service.  Susan Merenstein and the staff specialize in compounding, hormone balancing, and men’s and woman’s hair loss with a holistic approach.

Male pattern baldness is a chronically progressive condition. What begins as minor hair thinning in one’s early 20’s, can progress to typical male pattern baldness within a relatively short time. Prescription strength Minoxidil alone or along with systemic Propecia or Avodart can stop the progression of further loss and result in hair re-growth. Therefore, genetically predisposed men can prevent significant hair loss by using prescription strength minoxidil alone or with other treatments at the first signs of hair thinning.Male pattern baldness is a life-long condition.  Regardless of the dramatic effects you may experience from prescription treatment, you must continue to use this medication regularly.  If you stop the treatment your genetic predisposition to baldness will result in eventual loss of the new hair re-growth and progression of further hair loss.


MINOXIDIL 5% – 30%:

Minoxidil is the ONLY FDA – approved TOPICAL  treatment for male pattern hair loss (http://www.accessdata.fda.gov). High strength PRESCRIPTION Minoxidil IS MEDICALLY PROVEN to STOP hair loss and REGROW hair. Minoxidil effectiveness is dose-dependent and the higher the dose the better the hair regrowth. OTC Minoxidil products such as Rogaine only contain 5% Minoxidil. Murray Avenue Apothecary compounds specially formulated 5%, 12.5%, 15%, and 30% Minoxidil formulations.  They grind the Minoxidil into very fine particles, and the formulation is smooth and not granular, so it applies to the scalp and is rapidly absorbed. Topical prescription strength minoxidil works by increasing blood flow and enlarging miniaturized follicles and extending the hair’s growth phase.

Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI)-standard in all lotions and creams:

DMI is a high purity solvent and carrier which offers a safe, effective delivery enhancement mechanism for the active ingredients and is standard in all of the Minoxidil lotions and creams compounded by Murray Avenue Apothecary.  DMI enhances penetration of actives to the epidermis, reaching areas that would otherwise go untreated.  DMI improves shelf stability of active ingredients, including actives susceptible to hydrolysis and transesterification.  DMI offers miscibility in water, most organic solvents and non-ionic surfactants, and the ability to transport water-soluble actives into skin without recrystallization of the active ingredient.     Reference: http://www.lotioncrafter.com/dimethyl-isosorbide-dmi.html If you are allergic to Propylene glycol, you need to select an entirely different formula compounded with glycerin instead of propylene glycol and DMI

Vitamin E 0.1% -standard in all lotions and creams:

Vitamin E is known to increase blood circulation to all areas of the body (including the scalp), it can help your hair absorb more essential nutrients and minerals.

Tretinoin 0.025% (Retinoic Acid- RA):

Retinoic Acid has been shown to promote hair growth in itself. RA can initiate cell growth and differentiation and increases absorption of the minoxidil.

Azelaic Acid  5% (AA):

Azelaic Acid is 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor that reduces scalp DHT levels, the primary cause of male pattern baldness. 5 alpha-reductase is the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is responsible for the miniaturization of the hair follicles in the balding areas.

Progesterone 0.25%:

Progesterone is a hormone produced by both men and women which inhibits the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme that converts serum testosterone to DHT. With age, the production of progesterone decreases.

Finasteride 0.1%:

Topical finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitor and reduces DHT levels.  When taken orally finasteride (Propecia) and dutasteride (Avodart) are systemic alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitors and can have systemic side effects.   Adding topical finasteride to the hair loss formulation works synergistically with the other ingredients to halt further hair loss and promote thickening and regrowth without any systemic side effects.

Hydrocortisone 0.1%:

Hydrocortisone is a steroid added to the formulation to help decrease any scalp irritation.   Hydrocortisone can not be added if you are sensitive to steroids or have glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure).

Biotin 3%:

Biotin is a natural herbal compound that strengthens the hair from the root to increase hair anchoring, targets DHT, and prevents hair loss. Available in Acetyl Glutathione solution.

Minoxidil: FAQ


Male pattern baldness,  androgenetic alopecia,  is a very common condition in which men begin to experience thinning of the hair on the scalp.  These changes often start slowly in men in their 20’s and often progress to a receding hairline and/or balding on the top of the head.  Male pattern baldness is believed to be hereditary and dependent on hormonal effects.  The primary cause of Male Pattern hair loss and baldness is due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is produced by 5-alpha reductase conversion of testosterone to DHT and leads to miniaturization of the hair follicle.


Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine and it works at the level of the dermal papilla.  Minoxidil increases blood flow and works by gradually enlarging miniaturized follicles that have shrunk.  Also, Minoxidil appears to extend the hair’s growth phase thus giving the hairs an opportunity to reach a longer length before falling out.  With more follicles in the growth stage, it is possible to see improved coverage of the scalp.


Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine the over-the counter preparation.  Rogaine contains only 2 – 5% Minoxidil and is 60%  alcohol which is very drying and damaging to the hair shaft.  Minoxidil effectiveness is dose dependent and the higher the dose the better the hair regrowth.  Therefore prescription strength 12.5% to 30%  Minoxidil is many times more potent than Rogaine and it is not drying and damaging to the hair shaft as is OTC Rogaine.


All Minoxidil preparations compounded exclusively by Murray Avenue Apothecary are formulated with micronized Minoxidil  which means the Minoxidil has been ground down from its normal crystals into very fine particles which can be more easily put into higher strength formulas.   These Minoxidil preparations are made without alcohol which is drying and irritating to the scalp and found in high concentrations in over the counter Rogaine.

In addition, you have the option customizing the Minoxidil cream or lotion with additives that promote hair growth and increase the effectiveness of the formulation.  The Minoxidil can be compounded with 0.025% Retinoic Acid (RA)  which can initiate cell growth and differentiation, Azelaic Acid (AA) which is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor (decreased DHT which is responsible for male pattern hair loss), 0.1% finasteride, 1.3% Biotin, 0.1% Vitamin E, Progesterone 0.25%, 1% Grape Seed extract(may stain skin and surfaces), and Hydrocortisone is a steroid which helps decrease any scalp irritation.  If you have glaucoma, increased intraoccular pressure, or sensitive to steroids the formulation must NOT be compounded with hydrocortisone.  The formulations are formulated in a Propylene-Glycol base, but you can request individuall customization.  Also, you can choose Dimethyl-isosorbide(DMI) to be added to the formulation as an enhancer.


Minoxidil is prescribed online for MEN 18 years or older experiencing gradual thinning and hair loss on the top of the head(vertex) – ANDROGENETIC Male Pattern Baldness. Clinical trials have shown Minoxidil to be effective in regrowing hair on the top of the head but not proven efficacious in frontal hair growth. The response to Minoxidil varies greatly for each person and can not be predicted. Minoxidil has been clinically proven and FDA approved as a treatment for male pattern hair loss and is dose-dependent.  Therefore, prescription-strength 15% cream or 12.5% lotion is significantly more effective than over-the-counter 2 – 5% Minoxidil, Rogaine.


Treating male pattern hair loss with multiple modalities – topical Minoxidil and systemic 5-alpha reductase inhibitors Propecia or Avodart may work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of treatment and promote hair regrowth. Topical prescription-strength Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow and enlarging miniaturized follicles and extending the hair’s growth phase.   Propecia and Avodart, both 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors, work by inhibiting the enzymatic conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT is responsible for the miniaturization of the hair follicles in the balding areas. Therefore topical Minoxidil and systemic Propecia or Avodart work synergistically on the key factors in the development of androgenetic male pattern baldness. Propecia and Avodart decrease levels of DHT responsible for the miniaturization of hair follicles, while Minoxidil works to increase blood flow to the area and enlarge and restore the follicles that have been miniaturized.

Although Minoxidil can be used as a sole treatment modality, combining topical Minoxidil with systemic DHT inhibitors – Propecia  or
Avodart would maximize the effectiveness of both,  and result in the best opportunity to slow hair loss and regrow new hair.

Avodart or Propecia prescriptions are available through Medical Wellness Center


Hair grows only about ½ inch per month, therefore patients start to notice results after the first 3 months of treatment. It takes time to see improvement. Initially one may start to notice very fine, soft, colorless hairs. With further use, the new hairs will gradually become thicker and the same color as the other hairs on your scalp. Up to 12 months of use may be needed to see your best results from Minoxidil. Also, for those just starting to have hair thinning, using Minoxidil in the early stages will yield the most dramatic results.


The underlying predisposition to baldness is always present. Therefore, if a patient discontinues the use of Minoxidil, he will gradually lose the new hair that grew in response to Minoxidil treatment and will experience the progression of his underlying predisposition to baldness.  Newly regrown hairs will probably be lost in 3 – 4  months after stopping medication use.


Minoxidil prescription strength cream or lotion/gel is applied once daily in the evening to a dry scalp. Allow sufficient time for the Minoxidil to be absorbed into the scalp and dry before going to bed. Do not get scalp or hair wet for 4 hours after applying Minoxidil. Only apply Minoxidil to the scalp in the hair loss area. Do not get in eyes. Wash hands after applying. Using Minoxidil more frequently or in higher doses will NOT make it work better or faster. If you miss a Minoxidil dose, just continue with your next dose in the evening.  DO NOT use a double dose of the medication.

    • Only apply to the areas of hair loss on the scalp.
    • Do NOT apply to any other part of the body.
    • Do NOT use more frequently than prescribed.
    • Always wash your hands after use.


There is no need to change your usual hair care routine when using Minoxidil.  It is best to use Minoxidil on a dry scalp at night and to allow it to dry and absorb thoroughly before going to bed to prevent spread on the pillow and bedding.  Do not wet hair for 4 hours after applying Minoxidil to scalp.    If you do need to apply styling aids after applying Minoxidil, wait for the Minoxidil to dry completely before applying any styling aids.


There is no evidence that chemical treatment of hair changes the effect of Minoxidil.  However, chemical treatments can result in scalp irritation.  Therefore the night before you plan to chemically treat your hair do NOT apply Minoxidil.  Also do NOT apply Minoxidil to the scalp for at least 24 hours after any chemical treatment to your hair to ensure no irritation occurs.  If you experience any irritation, sensitivity or scalp redness after a chemical treatment, wait until the scalp is 100% healed before applying Minoxidil. Do NOT make up for missed doses.


  • Minoxidil is prescribed ONLINE for MEN only, although unlike Propecia or Avodart, it has also been approved for women who are experiencing male pattern hair loss.  Minoxidil is NEVER prescribed for women online because, in women, male pattern hair loss can be a sign of a serious or life-threatening underlying medical condition from hormonal problems to even cancer.
  • Pregnant women should NOT use OTC Rogaine or prescription strength Minoxidil.
  • Minoxidil is indicated as a topical treatment for male pattern hair loss which occurs gradually and runs in families.  If you experience sudden hair loss, or you are experiencing patchy areas or hair loss or hair loss from medication or after pregnancy Minoxidil is NOT for you.
  • Minoxidil is for TOPICAL use ONLY!  Minoxidil is to be applied to the areas of hair thinning on the scalp only. Never take Minoxidil by mouth.


The most common side effects are itching and other skin irritations of the treated area of the scalp.  Minoxidil should ONLY be applied to the scalp.  The risk of side effects increased if applied to other parts of the body.  Always WASH hands after use

Do not get in eyes – if accidentally gets in eyes flush with water immediately and if irritation persists seek immediate medical attention in an emergency room.

Stop using the formulation and seek emergency medical attention if you experience an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, closing of the throat, swelling of the lips, tongue or face.


    • Unwanted facial hair
    • Chest pain
    • Rapid heartbeat
    • Faintness and/or dizziness
    • Sudden, unexplained weight gain
    • Swollen hands or feet
    • Redness or irritation on treated areas of scalp

In order to proceed to the medical consultation, you must proceed to the next section and read the complete list of contraindications. Then you must verify that you do not have any of the contraindications and understand that any pregnant or potentially pregnant woman must not use Minoxidil.  Minoxidil is NEVER indicated for hair loss due to childbirth.  Under NO circumstance do we prescribe Minoxidil to any woman or child under the age of 18 .

Before Proceeding to the Medical Consultation Form  please read

and accept the Waiver of Liability



    • Minoxidil is prescribed online for Men over age 18 only.
    • Do NOT use  Minoxidil if you are not sure of the reason for your hair loss.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you experienced Sudden hair loss.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you experience or patchy hair loss.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you are experiencing hair loss secondary to medication use or a severe illness.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you have a red, inflamed, infected, irritated or painful scalp.
    • Do NOT apply Minoxidil if to a sunburned scalp.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you have any scalp condition such as psoriasis or eczema as Minoxidil can be very irritating.
    • Do NOT use Minoxidil if you ever had an allergic reaction to ROGAINE.
    • Minoxidil will NOT prevent or reverse hair loss from the use of some prescription medications.
    • Minoxidil will NOT prevent or reverse hair loss due to chemotherapy, or nutritional problems, low thyroid states, or disease which causes scarring of the scalp.
    • Minoxidil will not improve hair loss from damage to the hair or scalp from the use of hair care products, chemical treatments, or hairstyles such as ponytails or cornrows.
    • Pregnant or potentially pregnant women must not use Minoxidil.
    • Minoxidil is NEVER indicated for hair loss due to childbirth.
    • Under NO circumstance do we prescribe Minoxidil to any woman or child under the age of 18.


    • Unwanted facial hair growth
    • Chest pain, a rapid heartbeat, faintness or dizziness
    • Sudden, unexplained weight gain
    • Swollen hands or feet
    • Scalp irritation that continue or worsens

    If allergic reaction occurs  – seek immediate emergency medical attention


    The most common side effects are itching and other skin irritations of the treated area of the scalp.  Minoxidil should ONLY be applied to the scalp.  The risk of side effects increases if applied to other parts of the body.  Always WASH hands after use

    Do not get in eyes – if accidentally gets in eyes flush with water immediately and if irritation persists seek immediate medical attention in an emergency room.

    Stop using Minoxidil and seek emergency medical attention if you experience an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, closing of the throat, swelling of the lips, tongue or face.


    Minoxidil is to be used topically only.  Minoxidil can be combined with systemic 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as Propecia or Avodart.


    In order for Medical Wellness Center Physicians to provide you with the best care you need to reply honesty to all questions and you need to understand any and all risks and side effects associated with Prescription strength Minoxidil.

    By accepting “I Agree” means that you have read the above contraindication and warnings and honestly acknowledge that you do not have any of the above contraindications to Minoxidil therapy and understand that insurance will not cover the cost of the medication.

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