Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does RISK-FREE mean?

Learn if you qualify for a prescription. If you do not qualify for a prescription, the visit is FREE.

How does shipping work?

If approved, the physician consultation fee is only $49.95 plus either Regular Service or Express Service:
Regular Service – Receive a written prescription with 6 months of refills which you can fill at most any local United States pharmacy of your choice.
Express 24 Hour Service – Your prescription with 6 months of refills will be called into a local United States pharmacy of your choice in approximately 24 hours.

Are there any additional fees?

NO Hidden Fees! Do NOT be fooled by sites that offer free consults and then require medication purchases at inflated prices. 

Are your prescriptions legitimate?

You can be sure that you are receiving authentic, 100% FDA-approved medication. Choose a local US brick & mortar pharmacy that offers the best price or accepts your medical insurance coverage. (You always need to check first with your pharmacy for pricing and whether a particular medication is covered for you condition).

Returning Clients

After your first six months of treatment, you will be eligible as a returning client for a ONE year refill consultation for only $75 plus either regular or express processing fee.

About Our Services

Medical Wellness Center, where alternative and traditional medicine come together for total wellness, is dedicated to improving your health and promoting total wellness by offering the convenience of RISK-FREE online telemedicine.

Physician consultations, doctor-recommended PROVEN products, and prescription medicines for previously diagnosed recurring conditions. Prevention is the key to a long, healthy life.

Where Alternative and Traditional Medicine Come Together for Total Wellness


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