THE BIG THREE FOR HAIR LOSS: Dutastseride (or finasteride), Oral minoxidil and Ketoconazole shampoo

Get BETTER results combining multiple approaches to Male Pattern Hair Loss. Combining the BIG THREE, a multi-modal approach for treating Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Hair Loss, gives better results. Specifically, the Big Three work synergistically on your scalp, hair follicles, and hair growth cycles.

Combining  Dutasteride(Avodart) or Finasteride(Propecia or Proscar) with Oral minoxidil and Ketoconazole (2% Nizoral) shampoo do different things for your scalp, hair follicles and the growth cycle.  As a result, the combination works better for hair loss than just picking one.

One of BIG THREE: Low Dose Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss

Oral Minoxidil more effective, more convenient and cheaper for hair loss online consultAlthough, topical minoxidil is FDA-approved for hair loss, oral minoxidil is only FDA-approved for high blood pressure. Nevertheless, physicians prescribe low-dose oral minoxidil for hair loss as an off-label treatment for male pattern hair loss.  An old medicine grows NEW hair for pennies a day that revitalizes the hair follicle!

Recent studies show that low-dose oral minoxidil may even regrow hair better than topical minoxidil. To explain, some men may not respond to topical minoxidil because their hair follicles lack the enzyme sulfotransferase.  This enzyme converts minoxidil to minoxidil sulphate, the active form.  Even though the hair follicles may lack this enzyme, the liver contains this enzyme.  As a result, the liver sulfotransferase enzyme activates the minoxidil when taken orally.


How Minoxidil Works for Hair Loss

Minoxidil is believed to work by increasing blood flow to follicles and stimulating the hair follicle to stay in the growth phase longer.  As a result, minoxidil helps to restore and thicken follicles miniaturized by DHT, the main culprit in Male Pattern Hair loss.

It has been a mainstay of treatment from over-the-counter Rogaine to compounded prescription strength topical formulas.   But in recent years, hair replacement physicians and dermatologists specializing in hair loss have found minoxidil works even better form many patients when taken orally at low doses.

Although many patients have had great success with compounded topical minoxidil, oral minoxidil often is more effective.


Why Low-dose oral minoxidil work better than topical for many men.  

  1. Because Oral Minoxidil isn’t well absorbed, Retin-A is often added to enhance absorption, which for some users is drying or irritating. Therefore, a steroid has to be added to the formula to decrease irritation.  In addition, many formulas contain propylene glycol which can cause contact dermatitis in some patients.  Therefore, many physicians specializing in hair loss, recommend low-dose oral minoxidil.
  2. In addition, topical minoxidil is dependent on a scalp enzyme, sulfotransferase, for bio-activation. But, individuals vary greatly in the scalp level and activity of this enzyme, and some lack the scalp enzyme. Therefore, Oral Minoxidil bypasses the scalp enzyme, and uses the liver sulfotransferase.  As a result of the liver suflotransferase enzyme being more efficient, oral minoxidil results in higher levels of medication delivered to the hair follicle.
  3. Lastly, Oral Minoxidil, an old and established drug, only costs pennies a day compared to expensive, compounded topical formulas.

In conclusion, hair loss specialists are often prescribing Low-Dose Oral Minoxidil for hair loss because it’s often more effective, more convenient to use with minimal side effects, and only pennies a day.


Two of BIG THREE: FINASTERIDE or DUTASTERIDE  Blocks the Formation of DHT – STOPS hair loss.

DHT blockers online prescription Dutasteride Avodart or Finasateride PropeciaThe FDA approved Propecia (finasteride) as the first ORAL drug for hair loss in 1997.  In contrast to minoxidil which revitalizes miniaturized follicles and thickens hair, finasteride works by blocking the formation DHT, the main culprit in Male Pattern Hairloss.  Specifically, both finasteride and dutasteride are 5-Alpha Reductase Enzyme (5-AR) inhibitors.  These enzymes convert Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main culprit in male pattern hair loss eventually leading to hair follicle death.

Finasteride, a single acting Type II 5-AR enzyme inhibitor, is the first line action to block DHT and prevent hair loss in over 80% of men.   One should ALWAYS start first with finasteride.  If after at least six months of finasteride use and you don’t see slowing of hair loss or finasteride has lost effectiveness, then you can upgrade to dutasteride.

In contrast to finasteride, a single acting 5-AR inhibitor; dutasteride,  inhibits both Type I and Type II 5- alpha reductase enzymes.  Therefore, dutasteride, a stronger, dual-acting DHT blocker, works for individuals for whom finasteride did not work or stopped working after years of use.  Athough dutasteride is not specifically approved for hair loss, it is FDA-approved. When Propecia (finasteride) stops working, most men notice significant improvements switching to  Avodart (dutasteride ).

Avodart (dutasteride) Testimonial for Hair Loss:

“I started Propecia around age 27.  By my early 30’s it lost effectiveness.  Then I started taking Avodart, and I noticed dramatic improvement in thickness after several months.”  Robert M


Ketoconazole (2% Nizoral) Shampoo – FDA anti-dandruff shampoo works for hair loss

Prescription strength Nizoral Ketoconazole shampoo for hair lossKetoconazole Shampoo, a potent anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss shampoo, comprises the third component of the BIG THREE for hair loss.  In fact, medical studies published in 1998 shows that 2% Nizoral Shampoo increases hair thickness, decreases hair shedding, and increases the number of anagen-phase (active growth phase) hair follicles on the scalp.  Topical ketoconazole also inhibits DHT, acts as an anti-inflammatory and it leaves your hair soft, healthy and clean!

2% Nizoral (ketoconazole) shampoo Testimonial for Hair Loss:

“I use it 3x a week along with Dutasteride. My hair feels and looks great and thick. Also, every couple of months, I notice new hairs.  These treatments are working great”  David S.

Regrow Your Own Hair with The BIG THREE

The BIG THREE for hair loss, when started early at first signs of hair thinning, can prevent significant hair loss.  For those who are already experiencing hair loss, as long as the hair follicle isn’t completely dead, you can regrow your own hair with the BIG THREE.


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