Acne Prescriptions

Acne Vulgaris is a very common
skin condition that affects about
17 million Americans of all ages.
Although it is not life-threatening,
if left untreated it can cause
permanent scars.

Acne varies from mild white heads and black heads (Grade I) to severe Grade IV pustular and cystic acne. If you have been diagnosed with Grade I, Grade II or Grade II Acne, Medical Wellness Center offers convenient prescriptions to treat your acne. If you suffer from pustular or cystic acne known as Grade IV, these prescriptions are not for you. You need to see a dermatologist to prevent permanent scarring. The following are the non-steroidal, safest prescriptions to treat Grade I – Grade III acne:


-First and FDA-approved new, topical anti-acne medication with the exclusive ingredient dapsone.

Winlevi® 1% Acne Cream

New acne cream Androgen Receptor BlockerMilestone first-of-its kind topical androgen-receptor blocker FDA-approved acne treatment.


-First and ONLY FDA-approved new, Powerful, topical anti-acne medication. that combines a retinoid/Vitamin A and Benzoyl Peroxide Product.


-Powerful new topical anti-acne medication. More effective than Retin-A and gentle to the skin.