In the never-ending revolving door of weight loss diets, pills, fads, is Plenity the medical breakthrough you’ve been waiting for? Imagine enjoying your favorite foods, and just eating less? Furthermore, imagine no dangerous diet pills and not dangerous weight loss surgery.

The answer is maybe, YES. Plenity is not a drug, rather, it is a prescription-only, FDA-cleared weight loss aid. That is to say, Plenity is actually plant-derived building blocks that expand in your stomach and make you feel full sooner. Therefore, without conscious effort you automatically feel full sooner. As a result, you eat less and lose weight. What is more, is that it is 100% safe, all-natural, and wheat and gluten-free.

So, can you safely lose weight with Plenity? Caroline Passerrrello, MS, RDN, LDN spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics referring to a 2019 study stated: “If you’re only looking at the end point of weight loss, it appears taking this pill (which is technically a medical device) can help someone lose weight and maintain the lost weight.” Although, you can lose weight by just eating less, of course, life style changes and healthy eating plan are strongly recommended.

Consequently, Plenity can help you follow a healthy diet plan by taking away feelings of hunger and deprivation. With this in mind, remember that slow and steady is the answer for successful, long-term weight loss. As a matter of fact, Yo-Yo dieting leads to less success and reported in study published in 2017 in Journal of Obesity.

In conclusion, Plenity prescription along with a healthy eating plan and lifestyle changes can be a great aid in the weight-loss tool box. Plenity is only available by prescription. Although, it is a prescription, it is not a drug. Therefore, the prescription cannot be filled at just any local pharmacy. Consequently, the prescription issued by Medical Wellness Center has to be filled through GoGoMedsRX pharmacy.